Terranomics is a UK-based consultancy focused on using local and global financial systems to support nature-based solutions.

Our team members are recognised experts who have advised some of the world’s leading organisations on these topics including FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies, developed and developing country national and local governments and a range of smaller-scale commercial and not-for-profit entities.

We have helped mobilise several hundred million dollars of public and private funding for nature-positive projects globally.

Terranomics has delivered a range of projects in the UK targeting voluntary and compliance-based ‘nature markets’, for local authorities, charities, and private clients. This has included NEIRF, Landscape Recovery, ELMS Tests and Trials projects across England and the imminent launch of responsible financing principles for rewilding projects in the British Isles.

We have delivered support to Scotland’s Flow Country finance initiative and a significant private investment fund with its Scottish investment strategy.

We work in over 40 countries, and continually engage with private and public investors interested in sustainable land use. We are keen to bring our experience in the UK and internationally to support the development of nature markets in Scotland and work with NFCA members to engage the finance sector.

In 2023 we consulted 40 investors in sustainable forestry and sustainable agriculture projects to develop guidance for projects and funds targeting capital providers. These investors collectively represent around USD10bn in funds allocated to nature-based solutions.

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