Our Values

Through the work undertaken by our Taskforce Members and in co-ordination with key stakeholders in Scottish Government, NatureScot and SEPA, we have established the following founding values for NFCA, that are also shared with the Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers impact network.


  • Easily understood, giving businesses, landowners and communities the confidence to invest in nature.


  • Leveraging finance to make nature positive impacts, rewarding good stewardship.
  • Permanence and Additionality
  • Outcome-based Approach


  • Transparent asset allowing differentiation on reported project characteristics
  • Total visibility of blended financing of public, philanthropic and private investments.


  • Acting as a Catalyst for funding high priority projects from Nature Restoration and ‘bigger picture’ Global perspectives.


  • Avoiding greenwashing. To include links to “mitigation hierarchy” & TNFD
  • Principles of trade in secondary markets.
  • Independent validation and verification.

Robust Science

  • Science-based and balanced approach to metrics
  • Compatibility with Carbon Codes & Accommodates comprehensive range of habitats and nature restoration methods relevant to Scotland


  • Supportive of Land Use Partnership and Community-Driven models.
  • Builds on Scotland’s Principles on Responsible Investment in Natural Capital