Scottish Land & Estates

Scottish Land & Estates

Natural Capital is a term with which we have all become increasingly familiar. By definition its meaning is simple: the world’s stocks of natural assets including geology, soil, air, water and all living things.

As rural businesses redouble their commitments as stewards of their environment, many landowners, occupiers and managers are intent on developing long term environmental strategies which realise the potential of these assets. However, determining where to begin can be challenging.

At Scottish Land & Estates, our vision is to make a prosperous and sustainable future for rural Scotland, delivering benefits for all. We do this by championing and supporting rural businesses that provide economic, social and environmental benefit to the countryside.

From campsites to community owners to country estates, our members represent a diverse community passionate in promoting rural Scotland, and we’ve acted as their voice for over 100 years. 

Our members have businesses or interests in these vital areas, and we help them to prosper through the knowledge, advice and relationships we’re able to provide:

  • Managing crops and livestock
  • Providing employment and affordable housing 
  • Providing tourism and leisure services
  • Producing wood and fibre products from timber 
  • Caring for landscapes, habitats and wildlife
  • Maintaining and investing in built heritage 
  • Providing premises and infrastructure for small rural businesses
  • Combating climate change
  • Creating energy from renewable sources

We are here to represent members' views to politicians and other decision makers, to identify future opportunities and risks for land based businesses, to celebrate rural successes, and to provide support to those with a stake in land and property in rural Scotland. Our member network is a great way to share knowledge and good practice.

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