National Parks Partnerships (NPP)

National Parks Partnerships (NPP)

National Parks Partnerships LLP (NPP) devises and manages UK-level partnerships between the 15 UK National Parks and the private sector.

The 15 National Park Authorities are the members of NPP, and NPP is managed by a Board that consists of both National Park and independent representatives.

NPP was established in 2016 and has generated benefits for the National Parks through multi-year partnerships with companies including Columbia Sportswear; HarperCollins; Palladium; Forest Holidays and CLIF.

NPP’s vision is to make a significant, sustainable and discernible contribution to the improved quality of the UK National Parks and the benefits they offer today and in the future.

The UK’s 15 National Parks work at a national level with a range of commercial, sustainability and philanthropic partners via National Parks Partnerships and our charitable entity the UK National Parks Foundation. We host over 100 million visits every year and have more than 950,000 social media followers.

Revere is delivered through a partnership between Palladium and the UK National Parks. Revere combines the National Parks’ ecological expertise with Palladium’s financial acumen to develop innovative solutions that work for nature, investors and communities. We catalyse private finance to restore the UK’s 15 National Parks at the scale and pace needed to tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

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