May Meet-Up Summary

May Meet-Up Summary
Photo by Amy Luo / Unsplash

Thanks to all members who made our 22nd May meet-up. With 24 participants, it was another lively session, assisted with our new breakout format for introductions, that we will use at the next meet-up for both introductions and some focussed discussion...

Meet-up summaries as follows:

  • AI meeting minutes below (including meeting attendees)

Key Actions

  • All NFCA members to review our online best practice guide on community participation for community benefit. To send in any relevant links to add to the guide.
  • NFCA members are invited to get in touch with Simon Herko about how they can contribute to the Community Benefit Standard.
  • NFCA members are invited to contribute to a common database, connected with the Community Benefit Standard of a ‘bucket of benefits’ and ‘basket of metrics’.
  • Wildlife Works will share international best practices on community involvement, benefit sharing, community-based monitoring, and land use planning, emphasizing the importance of addressing community concerns and building trust.
  • Nature Broking to lead a breakout session at June NFCA on how fit-for-purpose UK codes are for commercial trading and the degree to which they have any bias in their support for land acquisition versus alternative models.
  • Nattergal will present their work on best practice community engagement at the June NFCA.
  • Peatland Code will run a session at the June NFCA on outcomes of their recent consultation.

Nattergal Note: “Boothby Wildland is Nattergal’s first nature restoration project. Based in Lincolnshire near Grantham, it is a 617-hectare arable-reversion project with variable grade 3 soil types. It was purchased by Nattergal in December 2021, and is now almost 3 years into its rewilding journey. One of the original 21 Landscape Recovery pilot projects, the team have worked with academics from the Universities of Gloucestershire, Oxford and Cambridge to develop Nattergal’s best practice community engagement programme – which has been implemented at Boothby over the past year. Nattergal’s Head of Operations Ben Hart will be talking us through the highlights and learnings so far.”

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