Drastic action is needed to tackle the climate crisis. We have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and to help natural habitats recover.

To do this, large amounts of private capital are required to fund these crucial projects. We foresee a future where a large percentage of that funding comes through investment into natural capital. With every ESG fund or pension featuring an asset allocation dedicated to changing the face of our landscape for the better, while generating sustainable returns.

Kana Hub offers project developers, landowners, verifiers and codes a platform to manage, market, integrate and collaborate.

Kana Seed offers asset and investment managers a platform to manage natural capital investment and land portfolios seamlessly.

Kana are a member of the NFCA to support their work in providing plain English guidance and a holistic approach to project valuation and performance management. Kana are a key lead partner on the holistic investment data-points workstream.

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