Ecosulis is a BCorp accredited, profit for purpose business that has been delivering nature based solutions throughout the UK for over 30 years. We have a track record of delivering high integrity nature recovery projects, setting the bar at never having had a failed project.

As a Project Developer we work closely with land custodians of all kinds, including Indigenous People and Local Communities, to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for both people and nature.

Ecosulis employs individuals that are Chartered Ecologists and members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management to ensure that nature restoration plans are both scientifically robust and meet the highest standard of approved methodologies for restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.

Adept at working with NGOs, government agencies and private businesses, Ecosulis helps to navigate the intricacies of national, regional and local legislation and policies, ensuring a seamless transition from intensive land use to more regenerative practices.

In 2020 Ecosulis invested in CreditNature as part of our mission to accelerate global rewilding and both organisations are members of the NFCA to help demonstrate how it is possible to deliver high impact nature recovery projects that are fit for finance, people and nature.

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