CreditNature has built the first nature fintech platform that will create markets that unlock nature-positive investment. These proprietary technologies provide metrics embedded in the Natural Asset Recovery Investment Analytics (NARIA) framework that underpins digital Nature Impact Certificates and Units; not only the first gateway to sustainable investment, but the first products to quantify ecosystem integrity in a cost effective, scalable, and rigorous way.

The platform and framework enables direct funding of ecosystem restoration with commitments to adopt ecological land management that will deliver benefits to land managers, and measure uplifts in biodiversity and ecosystems.

Both are due for independent verification by the end of 2023. Furthermore, Scottish Government and its partners will assess CreditNature’s market proposition at the end of the pre-commercial stage (September 2024) in terms of its alignment with, and potential contribution to, their National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET) vision for natural capital markets. This assessment will draw heavily on emerging standards from the BSI’s Nature Investment Standards programme and forthcoming Scottish Government policy, notably the Natural Capital Markets Framework.

CreditNature are pleased to be a member of the Nature Finance Certification Alliance (NFCA). By working together with influential actors we can act upon our shared findings enabling the private sector to invest with confidence in an internationally scalable movement toward global biodiversity recovery.

CreditNature was developed by rewilding experts Ecosulis. With over 30 years of experience, Ecosulis has global expertise providing advice and services in habitat restoration, ecological consultancy, GIS mapping, biodiversity monitoring and green fintech.

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