abrdn invest to help create more for our clients.

We offer investment expertise across key asset classes, regions and markets so that our clients can capture investment potential. By combining market and economic insight with technology and diverse perspectives, we look for optimal ways to help our clients navigate the future and reach their objectives.

And by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations through our process, we seek to find the most sustainable investment opportunities globally helping build our conviction and underpin client solutions.

By ensuring the assets we invest in are ready for and resilient to a world in transition, we act as guardians of our clients’ assets and where possible we align the interests of our clients and wider society with a more sustainable future for our planet.

It is essential nature restoration is done properly in the most high integrity manner to ensure wide ranging benefits for nature, climate and society.

By being a member of the NFCA, we look forward to contributing to providing guidance and standards for best practice nature restoration.

These will not only help further attract private investment into the sector but also provide those investors with reassurance that the highest sustainability standards are being upheld.

More about abrdn...
Operating in over 20 locations worldwide*
Keeping us close to our clients and ensuring first-hand insight into companies, industries and markets.

Managing £368bn in assets for our clients*
On behalf of individuals, governments, pension funds, insurers, companies, charities and foundations across 80 countries.*

Focus on fundamental research
The combination of our research, thematic thinking, ESG best practice and extensive on-the-ground analysis helps us find the most sustainable future-fit investment opportunities globally.

*All data facts and figures as at August 2023

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